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What’s the difference between Lease and Exclusive Rights?

Leasing Rights vs Exclusive Rights

Do you know the difference?

Lease Beats vs Buy Exlusive Beats

There are tons of beats on the web these days, that artists can use for their projects. Most producers offer their beats for sale as so-called “leases” or with “exclusive rights”. As a serious artist, you should know what’s the difference between lease and exclusive rights. Here’s a quick summary of everything you need to know!

What does “Leasing Rights” mean?

Leasing rights gives the artist the opportunity to use a beat commercially for his projects. But that doesn’t mean that the artist owns the beat. However, leasing rights are mostly limited in terms of sales figures, streaming via Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc.. Some leasing licenses are even time-limited. This means that the artist has to renew it at the latest after the deadline has expired or as soon as he has reached the limit.

Most beat producers have different leasing rights specifications. Here is a short example:

  • Mp3-file, sell up to 2.500 copies, 20.000 video & audio streams ($20)
  • Mp3-file, WAV-file, sell tp to 5.000 copies, 50.000 video & audio streams ($40)
  • Mp3-file, WAV-file, Trackouts, sell unlimited copies, unlimited video & audio streams ($150)

As you can see above, the different usage rights vary in audio format, the number of sales of the song and the number of audio and video streams on streaming portals. But always keep in mind that you don’t own a leased instrumental. This is only the case with exclusive rights. So we come to the next question:

How much does it cost to lease a beat?

Since most producers offer several leasing licenses at the same time, the prices vary according to the respective license. But you can say that the price range for leasing rights is usually between $30 – $150.

What does “Exclusive Rights” mean?

When you buy the exclusive rights to a beat, you get ownership of the instrumental. Furthermore, with the purchase of exclusive rights you have unlimited commercial rights. You can sell as many copies of your song as you want, publish them on streaming portals without any limits, make live performances etc.. Your song can completely blow up and you don’t have to worry about anything. Serious music producers will send you the beat as untagged Mp3-file, WAV-file, high-quality trackout WAV-files and a license agreement. After exclusive rights have been sold, the producer has to remove the beat from the sale and may no longer sell it as a lease or with exclusive rights.

When purchasing exclusive rights, the license terms do not vary as much as with leasing rights. Nevertheless, you should check the terms before buying. Especially because exclusive rights usually cost significantly more than leasing rights.

How much do exclusive rights cost?

The prices for exclusive rights can vary widely. A typical price range is between $300 and $1000 to several thousand dollars. However, there are also music producers who offer exclusive beats at significantly lower prices.

Leasing rights vs exclusive rights – which is the better choice?

Should I lease beats?

Leasing rights are a very good way for independent artists to use high-quality beats without breaking your artist piggy bank. Furthermore, most beat producers offer the option of upgrading a leasing license to a higher leasing license or exclusive rights. Thus, artists have the opportunity to lease a beat first. If the song with the leased beat is as good as expected and the project attracts attention, the license can be upgraded afterwards.

Should I buy exclusive beats?

So it all depends on what your requirements are. Would you like to onw a beat, that only belongs to you and should not be sold anymore? Then exclusive rights is the better option for you. But always keep in mind, the costs for exclusive rights are significantly higher than for leasing rights. There is probably less budget left for studio time, promotion and other important investments for your single, album or mixtape. But if you are planning larger projects or working with a major label, exclusive rights could be a good option for you. Most major labels only use exclusive beats for their productions.


As explained above, there are distinct differences between simply leasing a beat or buying exclusive rights. Both license models have their advantages, so you have to decide what you need the beat for if you want to know which option is best for your purposes.

If you believe 100% in your project but restrict the exclusive prices, you can first buy leasing rights. Use the rest of your budget to promote your song. And when your song blow up you can use the revenue from your song to upgrade your license to exclusive rights afterwards.

Hopefully we could answer the question “what’s the difference between lease and exclusive rights?”

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