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Where to Buy Beats in 2021?

The best places to buy beats online

Top 5 websites to buy beats in 2021

As a rapper or singer, it is important to use professional beats for your productions. This is the only way you can stand out from the competition. But where do you get cheap and professional beats in 2021? There are countless platforms and producers that offer beats for sale online. But how can you choose the right option from this large selection and not make a mistake? In this article I would like to introduce you to the top websites and share my experience.

My artist name is “InsaneBeatz” and I’ve been working online as a beat producer for over 10 years. I’ve tested every major platform to sell / buy beats online. Today I want to introduce you to the best sources to buy beats online. So, here is my personal list to solve the issue where to buy beats in 2021.

Where buy beats in 2021?

Where to buy beats in 2021
Where to buy beats in 2021

5th Place


The insider tip for buying beats

Soundee is a relatively new platform and was founded in 2019. Many new beat platforms have emerged over the years and disappeared a little later. But I see great potential in soundee.

Easy Handling

This platform impresses with its simple design and very good structure. The website is clearly structured and easy to use. The ability to filter beats by genre, artist type, BPM, mood or date makes it very easy to find the right sound. The design of the music player is a bit reminiscent of the soundcloud player. That certainly gives many users a familiar feeling when browsing beats. All in all, soundee is a very solid platform to buy beats online.

Due to the fact that this platform is still relatively new and smaller than its competitors, Soundee is the 5th place in our ranking when it comes to the question; where to buy beats in 2021?

Link: Soundee

Where to buy beats

4th Place


Most professional producer selection

In contrast to the other websites in this ranking, Jee Juh is a closed platform. In other words, producers can only join here by invitation. This guarantees the highest quality as far as the represented producers and beats are concerned. The motto here is “quality instead of quantity”. This makes it much easier for artists to find high-quality beat than on the other beat platforms.

Standardized Licenses

In addition to the qualitative advantage of a closed beat selling platform, Jee Juh has standardized beat licenses. That means when you have chosen a license, you only need to choose the right beats. On public beat platforms (such as Airbit or Beatstars), every producer can set their own licenses and conditions. Because of this, you always have to carefully check all the licenses and their conditions on public beat sales platforms before buying.

Grammy Nominated Producers

Only highly professional and even grammy nominated producers can be found on Jee Juh. Their producers have worked with artists like: Akon, Chamillionaire, Taboo, Just Blaze and many more. Even if there are fewer producers here than on other beat platforms, there are thousands of beats for sale on Jee Juh. And one is better than the other. Here you will have the problem of not being able to decide which beat is the right one instead of having to search for the right one for a long time.

Where to buy beats in 2021? Jee Juh is the 4th Place in our ranking

Link: Jee Juh

Where to buy beats online in 2021

3rd Place


The veteran among the beat plattforms

Soundclick is the oldest and best known beat platform for buying or selling beats. This platform was founded in 1997. However, Soundclick has only specialized in the licensing of beats over the years. Originally Soundclick was a music streaming platform for all kinds of music, similar to soundcloud. The focus is now on buying and selling beats.

Purchased Chart Positions

Soundclick has the largest selection of beats for sale. This website is known for its daily updated beat charts. However, producers can only reach the top positions in the charts if they spend a lot of money on soundclick promotion every day. So you won’t find the most trending or most streamed beats here in the top charts. Rather, the beats with the most soundclick promotion can be found in the top charts. As a result, many good beats get lost and the same beats can often be found in the top positions of the charts. That’s why, in my opinion, Soundclick can’t keep up with the leading platforms – Airbit and Beatstars.

Where to buy beats in 2021? Soundclick is the 3rd place in our ranking.

Link: Soundclick

best places to buy beats online

2nd Place


More than just buying beats

BeatStars was founded by Abe Batshon in 2010 and is now one of the largest beat platforms. According to my information, the user base should have reached the 1 million mark. Pretty much every independent or well-known online beat producer has a profile on BeatStars.

Great Development

BeatStars has developed very well over the past 11 years. They have partnerships with YouTube, Soundcloud, music distribution providers and even Sony Music Publishing. In addition to beats for sale, BeatStars also offers services such as mixing & mastering and sound packs for beat productions. As an artist, BeatStars offers a very good overall package instead of just selling beats. The design, the functionality and the scope of the services make BeatStars, in my opinion, the second best platform for buying beats online.

So if you’re wondering where to buy beats in 2021, Beatstars is a very good place and is 2nd in my ranking.

Link: Beatstars

Best place to buy beats in 2021

1st Place


The best place to buy beats in 2021 (in my opinion)

AirBit (formerly myFlashStore) started out 2009 with a Flash player that allowed producers to sell beats by embedding the beat store on a website. They changed their name in 2017, started their beat marketplace and have greatly expanded their platform. It is now one of the most popular websites to buy or sell beats online.

Search by Sound

No other platform offers so many ways to search for beats. The filter options go beyond the normal range. Not only are the typical filter options available such as genre, mood, bpm and by date. The search technique “search by sound” is a function that I have not seen before on any other beat platform. Just find a beat online that you like. It can be from Airbit or a link to a beat from YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify or Vimeo. Their AI-driven technology scans the acoustic profile of the beat. Then airbit suggests the beats that are most similar to your selected beat. 1-2 minutes later, airbit will suggest the beats that are most similar to your selected beat. Incidentally, the Airbit algorithm also remembers which beats you like best and discreetly suggests beats that you might also like.

Free Demo Downloads

If you are not sure whether you really want to purchase a license for a specific beat, no problem! There is the possibility of downloading a free version with a voice tags for many beats. You can use it to write lyrics or to make test recordings. So you can find the perfect beat for you even before you place an order.

Legally Signed Contracts

In addition, every buyer receives an automatically created and digitally signed contract along with the beat files. In other word you will receive a legally valid and signed contract by email immediately after the purchase. Airbit stores all of the beats you have purchased in your account so that all files and contracts can be downloaded at any time.

Airbit is the best place to buy beats online in 2021 (in my opinion). The functionality is unique and the selection of beats is huge.

Link: Airbit

So, where to buy beats in 2021?

Let’s summarize the results:

  • 1. AIRBIT
  • 4. JEE JUH
  • 5. SOUNDEE

I would like to mention that I have been an Airbit member myself for many years. My beats can be found on Airbit but I have also embedded their instant beat store on my website. Here you can check my beats in the airbit beat store. In my opinion, Airbit is the best place to buy beats online. Hopefully I could answer the question – where to buy beats in 2021? I wish you all the best and lots of creative ideas for your songs!

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