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What You Should Know About Buying Hip Hop Beats for Sale

Rappers at all levels will often buy beats from producers to use in their own work. Despite how common this is, many rappers out there don’t understand things like file format or what user rights they actually have.

While looking at beats for sale is the perfect way to find a great accompaniment to your rhymes, there are many potential pitfalls that an aspiring rapper needs to avoid.

This article informs you about everything you’ll need to know regarding beats for sale.

1. Make Sure the Beat is Available

One critical mistake that rappers often make with rap beats for sale is writing rhymes for a beat without making sure it’s still available. A very common situation is that an artist writes an entire song with a specific beat in mind, only to be informed that the beat has been bought by another artist.

Often this happens when the artist finds a beat they like on Youtube. They then proceed to write a whole track based on the Youtube preview. They then go to the producer’s website and find out, to their dismay, that another artist already has exclusive rights to the beat.

The way to avoid this level of disappointment is simple. Make sure you check out the producer’s website first and confirm the beat is still available for purchase. If the beat is available, you should also check if they’re selling exclusive rights to the beat.

In that case, someone else could buy the beat before you’ve finished working on your rhymes. Sometimes it makes sense to just buy the beat straight away to avoid this situation.

Also, you need to make sure the producer is still active. Some beat-selling websites are essentially abandoned by the creators, so you won’t be able to buy anything from them.

2. Don’t Buy Low-Quality Files

If you’re serious about your rap career, you need to be serious about getting quality beats. If you buy cheap beats for sale, you’ll often find the files are not good enough quality. While MP3 format files might be fine for listening to music in your car, it’s nowhere near enough for music production.

MP3 files are a compressed format meaning that the quality has been lowered to make it take up less hard drive space. This compression means that MP3s don’t really respond well when you try to make changes to the file.

MP3 files are essentially meant to be a final product. They’re not suitable for putting your vocals over. You also won’t be able to send an MP3 format beat off to a mastering engineer as the quality is simply too low for their tools to function correctly.

You should get your beats in WAV file format at the very least. This file format is completely uncompressed, which means the beat can be processed and modified without any loss of quality.

If you send off a track to a label that uses low-quality MP3 beats, they’ll likely skip it instantly due to the poor sound.

3. Consider Multitrack Beats

While a single WAV file is an acceptable way to buy beats, the best way is to buy them in a multitrack format. This basically means that all of the elements of the track have been stripped down into individual elements.

For example, you might have the keys, bass, and drums all on separate audio files. This is the best way to buy beats, as it means you can add your vocals and send off the whole mix to a mix engineer.

The engineer can then mix your track to achieve the best possible balance between your vocals and the rest of the elements. You could even change up some of the sounds in the track if you wanted to.

When you buy the beat as a single file, you’re basically stuck with the mix that the beatmaker did.

4. Has the Beat Been Compressed/Limited

Another thing to consider when looking at hip-hop beats for sale is whether or not the track has been compressed or limited. This will make the beat sound loud and powerful (like a track you’d hear on the radio), but it limits your production options.

It actually makes sense to buy uncompressed (and weaker sounding) beats, so an engineer who works on your track has more freedom. Once you’ve squashed and compressed a track, there’s no going back.

This stage in the process should only be done once the full track is completed with your vocals. Buying tracks that have already been mastered will make it very difficult for a mastering engineer to do their job.

5. Read the Licenses

One of the most critical mistakes you can make when looking for beats for sale online is not reading the licensing agreements. The licensing agreement will tell you everything you need to know about what you can or can’t do with a beat.

For example, some beats might not be cleared for live performance, which could be very problematic if you manage to make a hit.

There are also beats out there that are non-exclusive. This means that other people would also have the right to use your beat. This could be awkward for you if you make a successful track, as anyone else could simply buy the same beat that you’ve used.

Beats for Sale Could Help You Write the Next Hit

All in all, beats for sale are a fantastic tool for rappers. They’re the perfect way to find inspiration for your next song. With that said, you need to proceed with caution.

Don’t just blindly buy beats that sound good. You need to make sure the file format is right, and you also need to make sure you’ve correctly understood your rights to the beat.

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