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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy beats on your website?

Click + next to the beats and select the license you want to purchase. Repeat this step for the desired number of beats. Click “Buy Now” in the top right corner choose whether you want to pay with PayPal or credit card.

What does a purchase include?

Each purchase includes a licensing agreement stating your rights to the beat(s), payment details and the beat(s) as untagged stereo-mix. A “Basic Lease” includes the untagged MP3-file. A “Premium Lease” includes the untagged Mp3-file and untagged WAV-file. A “Pro Lease”, “Unlimited Lease” and “Exclusive Rights” includes the untagged MP3-file, untagged WAV-file and the WAV-trackouts (also known as ‘multitracks’, ‘tracked outs’ or ‘stems’) for professional mixing and mastering. You will receive all files instantly via download-links, sent to your email-address. We do not send any parcels or physical-data-discs. Please check your spam folder if you do not find our emails in your inbox.

Are your beat licenses royalty-free?

Yes! All of our licenses are 100% royalty-free. The sharing of royalties is on a voluntary basis. If you register your song with a collecting society and want to add InsaneBeatz as a producer, you can use the BMI information which can be found in every license agreement.

Can I get some beats for free?

Yes! We also offer free downloads for most of our instrumentals. These ‘free beats’ may only be used for non-commercial purposes and contain voice tags. In other words you are allowed to upload your song to YouTube, Soundcloud etc. but you are not allowed to monetize it. To download a free beat, please click on the green arrow next to a beat. Enter your name and email address and the download link will be emailed to you.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay via PayPal or credit card. In special cases, bank transfers are possible as well. All files are sent manually when paying via bank transfer. Contact us for further questions.

Are the beats completely untagged?

Yes, all beats are completely untagged after the purchase of any license.

How do I give proper credit?

Proper credit is given as follows in written form: ‘Beat by InsaneBeatz’; ‘Beat produced by InsaneBeatz’; ‘Beat by’; “Prod.InsaneBeatz”. Downloadable files need to include ‘(Beat by InsaneBeatz)’ within the filename. All displayed and uploaded content needs to include written credit in either the title or description. Hard copies such as CDs, LPs, etc. need to include written credit in booklets, covers or labels.

I have purchased a beat. Can I alter it, cut it etc.?

Yes, with the purchase of any license you can do changes to the beat-length, mixing, sounds, etc..

What is the difference between the “unlimited” licenses?

Every purchase includes a license agreement which grants you unlimited commercial rights and the beat(s) as an untagged stereo mix. The only difference between the unlimited licenses is the file format. You can choose whether you only want the MP3 file or the WAV file and trackouts as well.

What are exclusive rights?

After purchasing exclusive rights, the respective beat will be removed from the beat store. From this point on, the beat may no longer be resold and belongs to you. All exclusive beats include unlimited commercial rights and are delivered as untagged MP3 files, WAV files and trackouts.

I want to upgrade to a higher license. How does that work?

You can upgrade your ‘unlimited’ license to a higher license type at any time. An upgrade to exclusive rights is only possible if the beat in question has not previously been sold as an exclusive. Please contact us if you want to upgrade your license. We deduct the amount already paid and you only pay the difference.

Can I still use beats after exclusive rights have been sold?

YES! Selling exclusive rights does not affect any previously sold licenses.

Can I re-sell the beat(s) after purchasing a license?

NO! You are NOT allowed to resell the beat(s) or transfer your rights of ownership to a third person.

I received a copyright claim on youtube. Why is that?

InsaneBeatz is a member of the airbit content ID program. This content ID system scans YouTube automatically for videos that use audio material by InsaneBeatz and automatically sends a copyright claim, which blocks videos from monetization temporarily. Don’t worry! These claims are more a notification and will NOT harm your video(s) or channel, the video(s) will keep playing as they used to. If you do not own a license and have used a tagged free download or demo download, just ignore the notification. The video will keep playing without any other limitations. To remove such a claim, all licensees must open a Content ID dispute including the order number, PayPal transaction ID, Stripe transaction ID or the email address used for purchase.

I still have questions.

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