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We have a wide selection of Drill Beats For Sale. These royalty-free UK Drill Beats come in the style of rappers such as: Chief Kief, Pop Smoke, Headie One, Lil Durk, Lil Reese, G Herbo, Lil Bibby, Digga D, Sheff G, Fivio Foreign and more. Listen to our Drill Beats in the store above. If you are looking to buy drill beats online then you have come to the right place. All beats and licenses are 100% royalty free, so you can keep every cent of your earnings.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy drill beats?

Click + next to a beat and select the license you want to purchase. Repeat this step for the desired number of beats. Click the “Buy Now” in the top right corner. Choose whether you want to pay with PayPal or credit card. Instantly after purchase you will receive your download-links via email.

Can I get some drill beats for free?

Yes! We also offer free downloads for most of our drill instrumentals. These ‘free beats’ may only be used for non-commercial purposes and contain voice tags. In other words you are allowed to upload your song to YouTube, Soundcloud etc. but you are not allowed to monetize it. To download a free drill beat, please click on the green arrow next to a beat. Enter your name and email address and the download link will be emailed to you.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal or credit card payments. In special cases, bank transfers are possible as well. Contact us for further questions.

Are the beats completely untagged?

Yes, all UK drill beats are completely untagged after the purchase of any license.

What is the difference between the "unlimited" licenses?

Every purchase includes a license agreement which grants you unlimited commercial rights and the drill instrumental(s) as an untagged stereo mix. The only difference between the unlimited licenses is the file format. You can choose whether you only want the MP3 file or the WAV file and trackouts as well.

What are exclusive rights?

After purchasing exclusive rights, the respective beat will be removed from the beat store. From this point on, the beat may no longer be resold and belongs to you. All exclusive beats include unlimited commercial rights and are delivered as untagged MP3 files, WAV files and trackouts.

I want to upgrade my license. How does that work?

You can upgrade your ‘unlimited’ license to a higher license type at any time. An upgrade to exclusive rights is only possible if the beat in question has not previously been sold as an exclusive. Please contact us if you want to upgrade your license. We deduct the amount already paid and you only pay the difference.

Will my license remain valid if someone else buys exclusive rights?

YES! Selling exclusive rights does not affect any previously sold licenses.

What Is Drill Rap?

Drill, drill music, or drill rap is a subgenre of trap and rap whose origins can be dated to the early 2010s in Chicago.

Close in time and content to an unusual and sudden increase in the murder rate in the city of Chicago in the first half of 2012, which can be disproportionately narrowed down to a few neighborhoods on the south side of the city (“Chiraq”, portmanteau of Chicago and Iraq), a very young, largely underage generation of rappers found their identity- and authenticity-tested expression. Among the protagonists of this scene are Chief Keef, Lil Durk, Lil Reese, King Von L’ A Capone, Rondonumbanine, Lil Bibby and G Herbo. Although not reflective of the demographic distribution, there are drill rappers of all ethnicities and genders (Fredo Santana, Ebe Bandz, Buddah G). There is a strong correlation, sometimes explicitly expressed in the lyrics, between drill and gang crime.

UK Drill Rap Music

Somewhat later, a scene called UK Drill formed in England, primarily London. It draws its influences from Chicago Drill and British Grime. Well-known representatives of the scene are 67, 1011, Zone2, the Harlem Spartans, Moscow17, CGM, OFB, TPL and Young Dizz.

Analogous to the homicide rate increase in Chicago, the core of the scene that creates identity and authenticity is the “knife crime rise”, the disproportionate increase in violent crimes with stabbing weapons in London that can be clearly defined in terms of time, including some sensational attacks with large close combat weapons such as machetes, cleavers or katanas that were associated with gang crime.

This finds expression in text content and jargon typical of the scene (get “chinged,” “splashed,” “skanked,” “cheffed up,” “drenched,” “dipped,” “chopped”). The terminology is strongly influenced by Caribbean influences such as Jamaican patois in distinction to Chicago drill.

„Man try say that I run with my sword, is he fucking dumb? Run up in the shop and chopped my man and he went and snitched to his mum. All this talk on my name, how many times have I made you run? TeeWizz got splashed and died and I don’t feel sorry for his mum“ – 1011, Play for the pagans

In particular, the specific naming of threatened or murdered individuals and the use of social media with wide reach to disseminate one’s message has sparked controversial political discourse and equally controversial police countermeasures in the United Kingdom.

Also in UK Drill there is a strong association with gang crime and a high proportion of underage artists, furthermore a clearly expressed identification with neighborhoods or territories.

Despite some similarities with Chicago Drill, differences can also be found: hardly any weapons are presented in the music videos and the lyrics are focused on stabbing weapons, not firearms. This can potentially be explained by the different legal situation in both countries. The protagonists are often hooded and the focus is not on individuals but on the collective, the gang, whose name is appended in brackets to the name of the individual rapper.

Why Buy UK Drill Beats?

Meanwhile there are now many producers around the world who offer free UK drill beats for non-profit use. These free beats are a good option for beginners. On the other hand it is common for serious artists to buy drill beats online for-profit use. With the purchase of leasing rights or exclusive rights, it is possible to acquire commercial rights for drill beats in order to use them commercially.

To put it differently, with the purchase of a license you can sell your songs online and offline. Furthermore, you can distribute your songs on all online portals such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, iTunes, Pandora, Deezer etc.

Besides we have over loads of trap beats for sale to choose from.

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