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20 Best Rap Songs About Love

best rap songs about love

If you are looking for Top 20 rap songs about love, look no further.

Love is one of the most popular topics in all of music. No matter what genre we look at, we can find countless songs about love and how it makes us feel. Love can be many things: a source of happiness and joy or a cause for sadness and pain. However, one thing is for sure: it’s a feeling that all people experience and express somehow.

Because of the sheer volume of songs about love, it’s hard to pick twenty rap songs that go into detail about loving someone or something. For this list, we wanted to focus on rap songs that tell us a story about specific types of love rather than simply listing off popular tracks where the rapper says they love something (whether that be weed or their cars).

This list is all about rap songs with lyrics that express love in one way or another. Love can be romantic, unrequited, familial, friendly, Godly, and even twisted into something negative. Whatever the case may be, rap music has many songs for our listening pleasure so let’s get to it.

The Best 20 Hip-Hop Love Songs:

1.Kanye West – I love Kanye

Artist: Kanye West

Song Title: I Love Kanye

Album: The Life Of Pablo

Released: 2016

I’m sure you were expecting to see this song on the list. It is probably one of the most popular rap songs about love, after all. The love rap lyrics are direct and straightforward enough to be pretty effective in communicating his feelings about this topic.

Kanye West’s strange and funny ode to himself and how he thinks he is a God was one of the most humorous songs on his “Graduation” album. While we can’t say that we agree with Kanye, it is easy to understand why someone loves themselves and wants to show it.

Since this is a pure acapella song, I have picked out a remix for you. Here is the remix version of I Love Kanye with a hip hop beat.

I Love Kanye Remix

2. Drake – Best I Ever Had

Artist: Drake

Song Title: Best I Ever Had

Album: Thank Me Later

Released: 2010

Drake is one of the biggest rap stars in the world at the moment. Many love him because he can sing and rap, which is rare in many rappers. He also makes songs about love very frequently.

One such song is his hit “Best I Ever Had.” This poppy track tells us the story of a rapper who sleeps with a woman and then struggles to get in touch with her afterward. He wants to know if she will ever give him another chance, and we watch as his emotions change throughout the song.

Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” is another song all about loving someone. It tells us how Drake found a girl he truly loved while making it known that she was the best woman ever. This one will make you want to go out and find someone to love.

3. Kendrick Lamar – Poetic Justice ft. Drake

Artist: Kendrick Lamar

Song Title: Poetic Justice ft. Drake

Album: good kid,m.A.A.d city

Released: 2012

Kendrick Lamar is a brilliant rapper who has been around for a few years now and has been on the rise ever since releasing his first album, “Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City,” in 2012. He has been so successful that he won a Grammy for his 2015 album “To Pimp A Butterfly.”

One of the most popular songs on the album is called “Poetic Justice,” which tells us the story of a woman Drake did not notice when he went to buy weed. However, Kendrick did and ended up sleeping with her. He wants to know if she will leave him alone or something there after the night they spent together.

Despite this, she was there for him, and this song might be one of the most honest songs about loving someone in general.

It might be a short song, but it is genuinely touching and will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Despite this, she was there for him, and this song might be one of the most honest songs about loving someone in general.

4. Jay-Z – Fallin

Artist: Jay-Z

Song Title: Fallin

Album: American Gangster

Released: 2007

Jay-Z is one of the greatest rappers ever, and nearly everyone loves him. However, he also made this song about falling in love with someone and that it’s not easy to let her go.

We can all relate to it since it often seems like the right thing to do when you fall for someone. It also might show us a bit about Jay-Z’s personal life since he has been married to Beyonce for years now.

However, the song is still good because it shows us how Jay-Z fell in love with someone and was almost unsure what to do about it. It happens all of the time for people who are just finding love.

5. Drake – The Resistance

Artist: Drake

Song Title: The Resistance

Album: Thank Me Later

Released: 2007

Drake has made many songs about love, and this is one of the best ones since it tells us that he is thinking about his woman all the time. That means that even when they are apart, she will be on his mind no matter what he does.

We have all been in a relationship where someone lives far away, and this is a great description of how it can feel when you still love them. This song will undoubtedly tug at your heartstrings for that reason.

This song will make you want to call your partner, even if it’s been one day since the last time you spoke.

6. Eminem – Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

Artist: Eminem

Song Title: Love The Way You Lie

Album: Recovery

Released: 2010

Eminem is one of the best rappers from the U.S., but he writes emotional songs about love. In this one, he tells us how love can be a terrible thing since it can make you feel so lost and alone sometimes.

No matter who we are, we have all felt like this at some point in our lives. Often this is what happens when you lose someone that you truly loved. It is a feeling that we never want to feel again.

However, this song is lovely because it tells us that we will always be there for each other no matter what happens.

7. Wiz Khalifa – No Sleep

Artist: Wiz Khalifa

Song Title: No Sleep

Album: Rolling Papers

Released: 2011

Wiz Khalifa is another rapper that makes many songs about love, but his song “No sleep” is one of the best rap songs about love since it simply tells us not to worry so much when we are apart from our lover. Wiz also has another song that reaches the top 20 rap love songs: “I need a girl,” he talks about his girlfriend, who he loves, and who he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

It will always be a good message to hear, especially when you love someone else. It is always lovely to get peace of mind and know that person won’t be running around on you. He makes it clear that they are not going anywhere. This song is all about love, and it’s Wiz Khalifa’s best rap love song.

8. Kanye West – My Way Home

Artist: Kanye West

Song Title: My Way Home

Album: Late Registration

Released: 2005

Kanye West has many songs about loving people, and this one is all about how his lover will be back with him soon.

It also tells us that he is going through a lot of trouble right now because she isn’t there, but it will all be worth it in the end. We can all relate to this since no one wants to be away from their lover for too long.

At the same time, it also tells us that he will do anything for this girl and that she means more to him than anyone else in this world. It’s pure love at its best.

That’s what we want to hear when we are in love, and someone is gone from our lives.

9. Drake ft. Rihanna – Too Good

Artist: Drake ft. Rihanna

Song Title: Too Good

Album: Views

Released: 2016

Drake keeps on making great songs about love, but his song “Too good” is one of the best love rap songs about love because it describes a perfect relationship.

We have all had our fair share of bad relationships, and this song perfectly describes what we all want to find one day. It takes a lot more than just enjoying moments together, but they are an essential part of a happy relationship.

10. Lil Wayne – How to Love

Artist: Lil Wayne

Song Title: How To Love

Album: The Carter IV

Released: 2011

Lil Wayne is one of the biggest rappers in the world. He is often called a legend and with good reason. He has probably been in more rap songs about love than any other rapper in history. His song “How to Love” is one such song. He only wrote it because his daughter, Reginae Carter, kept asking him about love and how it worked.

The song is about a man who seems to be struggling with the idea of love. He tells us that he never believed in it, but now that he has found it, he is enjoying everything that comes with loving someone.

11. Eminem – Stan

Artist: Eminem

Song Title: Stan

Album: The Marshall Mathers LP

Released: 2000

Eminem is one of the most popular rappers in history, and with good reason. He can rap and sing like none other, and his songs about love and heartbreak make him very relatable to fans everywhere.

One such song is “Stan.” This track tells us how a fan becomes obsessed with Slim Shady rapper Eminem when he comes to his town. He starts sending letters, which becomes annoying for Marshall Mathers after a while.

12. Common – The Light

Artist: Common

Song Title: The Light

Album: Like Water of Chocolate

Released: 2010

Common has many songs about loving someone, and in this one, he describes what it is like when you finally find the right person in your life.

Even though it has been a long time since he wrote this song, it is still easy to relate to. There are many moments when you finally find that particular person that you can share your life with, and in the end, it makes everything in life worth it.

13. DJ Khaled – Do You Mind

Artist: DJ Khaled

Song Title: Do You Mind

Album: Major Key

Released: 2016

In this song, DJ Khaled tells us that his lover is the best thing in his life, and he loves her deeply.

However, she might not be so willing to feel the same way about him. Everyone wants their lover to love them back just as much.”

14. Drake – Hold On Were Going Home ft. Majid Jordan

Artist: Drake

Song Title: Hold On Were Going Home

Album: Nothing was the same

Released: 2013

Drake is one of the best rappers alive, and he started his career on a Canadian T.V. show called “Degrassi.”

However, even if he doesn’t rap about it much, we can see that love is something that has always been on Drake’s mind. In this song, he tells us that his lover takes away all his pain and makes him feel so happy.

Everyone wishes their lover felt the same way about them as they did about them.”

15. Tupac – Brenda’s got a baby?

Artist: 2Pac

Song Title: Brenda’s Got A Baby

Album: 2Pacalypse Now

Released: 1991

Tupac was a massive name in the rap game back when he was alive, and this song is a great example of why.

Even though Brenda’s baby wasn’t Tupac’s child, he still wants to take care of her. Love isn’t only about the people who we are related to, but also about the ones we feel close with.”

16. Nas – You Owe Me?

Artist: Nas

Song Title: You Own Me?

Album: Nastradamus

Released: 1999

Even though doesn’t have that many songs about love, this song is a great example of why he’s known as one of the best rappers alive.

In this song, he tells us that his lover has been so good to him, and she always helps him out when he’s in trouble. It’s a good thing to get the chance to be with someone who cares about us this much.”

17. The Notorious B.I.G. – One More Chance

Artist: The Notorious B.I.G.

Song Title: One More Chance

Album: Ready to Die

Released: 1994

The Notorious B. I. G has always been one of the best rappers alive, and he didn’t become that big because he just thought it would be cool to rap.

He started rapping because he had something important to say. In this song, he tells us that his lover is the best thing in his life, and she gave him another chance after all the trouble they went through. We should always let our lovers know how much we care about them. If we don’t, then they might walk out of our lives forever.”

18. Jay-Z – Empire State of Mind ft. Alicia Keys

Artist: Jay-Z

Song Title: Empire State of Mind

Album: The Blue Print 3

Released: 2009

Even if this song was about more than love, the music video makes it a lot clearer what the message is all about.

In this song, Jay-Z sings about how his lover is the only person who understands him and that she will always be by his side. Even if we don’t want to admit it, we all want someone to know us at our best and our worst. It’s always lovely to be with someone who cares about us.”

19. The Temptations – My Girl

Artist: The Temptations

Song Title: My Girl

Album: ?

Released: 2014

The Temptations are known as one of the best bands in pop music, which is a perfect example of why. When I was young, this song helped me realize that some people go through life thinking that they don’t deserve to be loved by anyone.

Sometimes we can convince ourselves that we’re unlovable, and if we think this way long enough, it will become true. If someone tells us that they like or love us, we should always tell them how much we care about them.

Even if it takes time, we should always fight for the person we love even if it seems like they don’t feel the same way about us.”

20. Outkast – Ms. Jackson

Artist: Outkast

Song Title: Ms. Jackson

Album: Ms. Jackson/Sole Sunday

Released: 2000

Outkast is a rap duo that has been around since the ’90s, and this song is one of their biggest hits ever.

Even though we might disagree with their perspective on love, we can all admit that they know how to make good music. In Ms. Jackson, Andre 3000 says that he wants to take his love back even after she leaves him. He tells us that he’s done trying to fight for her and that she can finally be with him again.

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