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20 best rap songs about love

20 Best Rap Songs About Love

If you are looking for Top 20 rap songs about love, look no further. Love is one of the most popular topics in all of music. No matter what genre we look at, we can find countless songs about love and how it makes us
The 100 best rap albums of the 90s

100 Greatest Hip Hop Albums of the 1990s

Buffalo shoes, tattoo necklaces or bell-bottoms - everyone associates one or the other trend with the 90s, no matter how embarrassing it may have been. The 1990s were a very formative time for the young people of the time. Without question, music, and especially hip-hop,
the 10 best rappers of all time

The 10 Best Rappers of All Time

WHO IS THE BEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME? Our top 10 best rappers of all time! Hip Hop has produced numerous superstars, some of whom have become legends. The first hip-hoppers emerged in the 70s and 80s, rap took its beginnings at the famous block
rap beats

A History of Genius Rap Beats

Rap has now surpassed rock and roll as the most popular form of music in the United States. Part of what makes great rap is insightful lyrics full of flow. But even the best lyricist is nothing without the help of some epic rap beats. A rap
christmas rap songs

The Best Christmas Rap Songs

Rap and Christmas have always been closely connected. In the same year that "Rapper's Delight" was released (1979), Kurtis Blow released the song "Christmas Rappin'". The song "Christmas Rappin'" is a rap version of the song "A Visit From St. Nicholas" (also known as "Twas
Best Free Autotune Plugins

The 5 Best FREE Autotune VST Plugins in 2021

Top 5 FREE Autotune VST Plugins “What are the best free autotune vst plugins in 2021?” 5 Free Autotune VST Plugins That Can Produce Outstanding Effects and Vocals: There are an array of options for people looking for the best autotune VST plugin, but just as
Where To Buy Beats - All Places

Where to Buy Beats in 2021?

The best places to buy beats online Top 5 websites to buy beats in 2021 As a rapper or singer, it is important to use professional beats for your productions. This is the only way you can stand out from the competition. But where do
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