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The 30 Richest Rappers of All Time! (2022)

The 30 Richest Rappers In The World 2022

Have you ever wondered who the richest rappers in the world are?

While most rap stars are known for their big houses and cars, it’s no wonder that some of these musicians have a lot of money in their bank accounts.

The following list shows the 30 richest rappers in the world according to their estimated wealth, which ranges from 50 million to 6.6 billion dollars.

The 30 Richest Rappers of All Time! (2022)

30. T.I. – Net Worth: $50 Million

Name: Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.

Born: September 25, 1980

Birthplace: Atlanta

T.I., also known as Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. is an American rapper, songwriter, actor, entrepreneur and record producer.

He signed his first record deal with a major label in 1999 and has since released numerous records and starred in several Hollywood films.

A decade of chart-topping hits and appearances in film and television have made him rich.

29. Chamillionaire – Net Worth: $50 Million

Name: Hakeem Temidayo Seriki

Born: November 28, 1979

Birthplace: Washington, D.C.

Chamillionaire was a founding member of The Color Changing Click and is best known for the song “Ridin.”

As a rapper, you can earn money not only with music, as the musician proves. Chamillionaire has been focusing on the business side of the industry for some time now, and a remarkable investment has earned him millions.

He invested a significant sum in Uber competitor Lyft in 2013 before it went public, and he still owns a large stake in the company.

28. Travis Scott – Net Worth: $60 Million

Name: Jacques Berman Webster II

Born: April 30, 1992

Birthplace: Houston

Travis Scott is a Houston rapper, singer and songwriter who has become known for his melodic rap style with beats that incorporate influences from the alternative genre. He started making music in 2010 and released the mixtape Owl Pharaoh through the label he founded, Grand Hustle Records.

27. Wiz Khalifa – Net Worth: $60 Million

Name: Cameron Jibril Thomas

Born: September 8, 1987

Birthplace: Minot, North Dakota

Wiz Khalifa is an American rapper, singer, actor and songwriter. He is best known for songs like “Say Yeah”, “Black and Yellow” and the single “See You Again”, which was nominated for several Grammy Awards.

He has collaborated with several popular artists, including Snoop Dogg, Charlie Puth and Miley Cyrus.

26. PSY – Net Worth: $60 Million

Name: Park Jae-sang

Born: December 31, 1977

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

The explosive rise of Korean rapper Psy and his 2012 hit “Gangnam Style,” which became the most famous song in the world, and the dance he created with it are one of the most fascinating music stories of recent years.

He is the second South Korean music act to perform at the MTV Europe Music Awards. The popularity of his song and his advertising contracts with Samsung and other companies earned him a lot of money.

25. J. Cole – Net Worth: $60 Million

Name: Jermaine Lamarr Cole

Born: January 28, 1985

Birthplace: Frankfurt, Germany

J. Cole can rightfully claim that he is the pound-for-pound artist on this list. His talent is truly amazing in this regard.

On Instagram, he has a loyal following of over 1.6 million followers. In addition to his thriving rap career, he is also a producer. In early 2007, he founded his own label. In addition to Cole, other artists such as 6LACK, 21 Savage and Miguel have also worked with him. Cole is one of the highest paid rappers in the world.

24. Ice T – Net Worth: $60 Million

Name: Tracy Lauren Marrow

Born: February 16, 1958

Birthplace: Newark, New Jersey

Since the mid-1980s, Ice-T has repeatedly been in the public eye, first as a rapper and then as a film and television actor.

Ice-T is perhaps best known for his work in the legal drama series Law & Order: SVU, in which he has starred in over 400 episodes.

Ice-T’s net assets are estimated at 60 million dollars for 2022.

23. Rev Run (Joseph Simmons) – Net Worth: $60 Million

Name: Joseph Ward Simmons

Born: November 14, 1964

Birthplace: New York City

Rev Run is an American rapper, producer, DJ and television personality. Simmons was a member of the influential hip-hop group Run-DMC.

Run-DMC was one of the founding fathers of rap music in the 1980s, which has been called “the golden age” of hip-hop. With his rise in reality television in the mid-2000s, Rev was able to significantly increase his income.

He gained a following in the MTV reality series “Run’s House,” which became a huge hit and spawned many other reality shows.

22. Nas – Net Worth: $70 Million

Name: Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones

Born: September 14, 1973

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York

Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones, better known as Nas, is an American rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur and investor. He is best known for his debut album Illmatic.

Nas has released twelve studio albums over the course of his career, seven of which have gone platinum or multi-platinum in the US.

Many don’t know that Nas started his own venture capital firm, which has become one of the most successful in the industry with investments in companies like Lyft and Dropbox.

21. Will.I.Am – Net Worth: $70 Million

Name: William James Adams Jr.

Born: March 15, 1975

Birthplace: Los Angeles

Will.I.Am started his career in the music industry as a member of the Black Eyed Peas, which became a huge success. Later he made a solo career and has great success there too.

There’s something to be said for being fast enough to grab the CEO title from the get-go. They’re usually the ones who take home the biggest paychecks.

20. DJ Khaled – Net Worth: $75 Million

Name: Khaled Mohamed Khaled

Born: November 26, 1975

Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana

Given his beginnings as a real radio DJ in Miami in the 1990s and his transition to artist with a lot of help from the Internet, DJ Khaled’s rise to become one of the richest rappers of all time is astonishing.

DJ Khaled became known as a producer, but in the internet era he has made almost as much money by becoming a marketable celebrity. He is also known for his Snapchat account.

19. Kendrick Lamar – Net Worth: $75 Million

Name: Kendrick Lamar Duckworth

Born: June 17, 1987

Birthplace: Compton

Kendrick Lamar is undoubtedly one of the most famous and successful rappers in history and has already established himself as one of the best lyricists of all time.

It’s thanks to his reputation that he made it onto this list recently, even though most of the people on this list have been in the business much longer than he has.

He has been nominated for an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and 13 Grammy Awards, and his three studio albums have all made Rolling Stone’s 500 Best Albums of All Time list.

18. Akon – Net Worth: $80 Million

Name: Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thia

Born: April 16, 1973

Birthplace: St. Louis

Akon is a songwriter, entrepreneur, record producer and actor.

The sweet sound of Akon switching back and forth between singing and rapping on classics like “Locked Up” and “Smack That” with Eminem is familiar to anyone who loved music in the mid-2000s.

17. Timbaland – Net Worth: $85 Million

Name: Timothy Zachary Mosley

Born: March 10, 1972

Birthplace: Norfolk

Timbaland was one of the most successful hip-hop producers of the 1990s. He worked with Missy Elliott and then produced two consecutive hit albums for Justin Timberlake: “FutureSexLoveSounds” and “The 20/20 Experience”.

He also had the advantage of having a pen. He has written nearly 200 songs that have appeared on the Billboard charts both in the U.S. and abroad, including several with Timbaland.

16. Mike D – Net Worth: $90 Million

Name: Michael Louis Diamond

Born: November 20, 1965

Birthplace: New York City

Mike D is, of course, a member of the legendary boy band Beastie Boys. The Beastie Boys were formed in the 1980s and consisted of three members: Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock.

15. Pitbull – Net Worth: $100 Million

Name: Armando Christian Perez

Born: January 15, 1981

Birthplace: Miami

Pitbull is a musician from the United States who has been making music for 18 years. He has topped the charts several times in over 20 countries.

14. LL Cool J – Net Worth: $120 Million

Name: James Todd Smith

Born: January 14, 1968

Birthplace: Long Island, New York

LL Cool J (Lloyd Jurby Jones III) is an American rapper, actor, author and entrepreneur from Queens, New York. He is considered one of the pioneers of pop rap and has released 13 full studio albums and two greatest hits collections.

LL Cool J had moderate success in movies, but was rewarded in 2009 with the role in the CBS series “NCIS: Los Angeles”. Twelve years later, he has appeared in 271 episodes and has been paid $350,000 per episode.

13. Birdman – Net Worth: $125 Million

Name: Bryan Christopher Brooks

Born: February 15, 1969

Birthplace: New Orleans

Although Birdman has been in the music industry for a long time, it is his production skills that have made him rich. His biggest success came as a rapper as part of the Big Tymers, along with Mannie Fresh.

His brother Ronald founded the label Cash Money Records with him.

12. Swizz Beatz – Net Worth: $150 Million

Name: Kaseem Dean

Born: September 13, 1978

Birthplace: New York City

If you go through a list of the greatest rap songs of the last 20 years, you’ll notice that Swizz Beatz’s influence is everywhere. There’s a reason Kanye West once dubbed him “the best hip-hop producer of all time.”

Swizz Beatz’s net worth is estimated at 129 million euros in 2021, which would make him the twelfth richest rapper in the world.

11. Snoop Dogg – Net Worth: $150 Million

Name: Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.

Born: October 20, 1971

Birthplace: Long Beach, California

Snoop Dogg has been in the hearts of hip-hop fans for three decades. He first came to our attention through Dr. Dre songs and “The Chronic” before establishing himself in the space with his first solo LP “Doggystyle” in 1993.

He has also become more successful as an actor. During this time, he has landed 234 roles in films and television on IMDb.

The 10 Richest Rappers of All Time – 2022

10. Ice Cube – Net Worth: $160 Million

Name: O’Shea Jackson

Born: June 15, 1969

Birthplace: Los Angeles

Ice Cube is a rapper, songwriter, record producer, actor and filmmaker from the United States. He began his career as a member of the hip-hop group N.W.A..

Cube began his professional career as a solo musician and has since demonstrated his acting skills. Cube has starred in films such as Boyz n the Hood, 21 & 22 Jump Street, Barbershop and Ride Along.

9. Lil Wayne – $170 Million

Name: Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.

Born: September 27, 1982

Birthplace: New Orleans

Lil Wayne, also known as Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, is a hip-hop artist from New Orleans, Louisiana.

In 1991, at the age of nine, Lil Wayne joined Cash Money Records, becoming the company’s youngest artist. Since then, he has sold millions of records and collaborated with a number of other prominent artists.

8. Drake – Net Worth: $200 Million

Name: Aubrey Drake Graham

Born: October 24, 1986

Birthplace: Toronto

Drake is the only Canadian who has managed to go from being a child actor at “Degrassi Junior High” to one of the most famous rappers in history.

Drake has received three Grammy Awards, six BET Awards and three Juno Awards. He is the artist with the most number one singles from the rap segment.

7. Pharrell Williams – Net Worth: $200 Million

Name: Pharrell Lanscilo Williams

Born: April 5, 1973

Birthplace: Virginia Beach

Pharrell Williams has never been a one-dimensional rapper or musician. That’s just one aspect of his job in the music business, where he’s been successful as a singer, producer and musician on some of the most famous songs ever recorded.

i am OTHER is a multimedia creative collective and record label that serves as an umbrella for all of Pharrell Williams’ activities, including the Billionaire Boys Club he founded. Through it, Pharrell has been able to build a fortune as well. The same goes for his collaborations with brands like Adidas and Chanel.

6. Master P – Net Worth: $200 Million

Name: Percy Robert Miller

Born: April 29, 1970

Birthplace: New Orleans

Percival Robert Miller is an American rapper, actor, entrepreneur, author, record producer, philanthropist and retired basketball player.

He has his own record label and is the CEO of P. Miller Enterprises, a company he founded. Through several projects he has accumulated a fortune, which makes him one of the richest rappers in the world.

5. Eminem – Net Worth: $230 Million

Name: Marshall Bruce Mathers III

Born: October 17, 1972

Birthplace: St. Joseph

Eminem rose to fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s when he released several albums with Dr. Dre that made him the most recognizable artist in the industry.

Despite becoming one of the richest white rappers in the world and playing an important role in revolutionizing the rap game, Eminem’s track record is astonishing.

This year, Eminem’s net worth is 230 million dollars, making him the fifth richest hip-hop artist in the world.

4. Dr. Dre – Net Worth: $820 Million

Name: Andre Romelle Young

Born: February 18, 1965

Birthplace: Compton

Dr. Dre is widely regarded as one of the best hip-hop producers of all time. In the 1980s, Andre Young began his career with N.W.A. before launching a solo career.

Although he only started selling headphones in recent years, Dr. Dre has a long and illustrious history as a sound engineer and entrepreneur. He is the creator of the “Beats by Dr.Dre” series, which Apple bought a few years ago for $3 billion.

3. P. Diddy – Net Worth: $950 Million

Name: Sean John Combs

Born: November 4, 1969

Birthplace: New York City

After rising to fame as a rapper, Sean Combs established himself throughout his career as a producer for some of the best rap albums of all time. He helmed Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ready to Die” and “Life After Death,” which received good reviews and sold millions of copies.

P Diddy was once the richest rapper in the world for a long time, but like him, others have followed up on his success with their own businesses.

2. Jay-Z – Net Worth: $1.4 Billion

Name: Shawn Corey Carter

Born: December 4, 1969

Birthplace: New York City

Jay-Z went from being a street dealer in Brooklyn to one of the most successful – and richest – musicians of all time.

In reality, most of Jay-Z’s net worth is due to his smart financial decisions, including clothing lines, record labels, clubs and other businesses.

Jay-Z was the first rapper to reach a net worth of $1 billion, and he held the title of the world’s richest rapper until April 2020, when Kanye West surpassed him.

1.Kanye West – Net Worth: $6.6 Billion

Name: Kanye Omari West

Born: June 8, 1977

Birthplace: Atlanta

Kanye West became an icon of rap and the music industry with his first studio album, The College Dropout, released in 2004.

With over 20 million albums sold and 140 million singles, he is one of the best-selling artists of all time. His 21 Grammy Awards are comparable or close to the most in history.

According to TMZ, Kanye West’s net worth is estimated by Forbes to be several billion after he provided them with documents showing how his stake in Yeezy increased his net worth.

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